Friday, January 15, 2010

It's The Weekend Baby!!

It's Friday and this weekend is about to start popping real quickly....LOL...In about 2 hours I have to go pick up my boyfriend, Joe, from work. Then we are going to pick up my cousin Carly. Then Carly and I want to go buy some polymer clay so we can make some homemade beads tonight for our macrame/hemp jewelry. EXCITED!!!!

Then tomorrow, I have to work at bar bingo. I love that job! Anyhow, my friend Dylan, who I haven't seen in at least 6 months, is supposed to meet up with all of us. So super excited to see him, he used to be one of my best friends like when I first moved back to Minnesota. Then the rest of the weekend will just be me and Joe resting and relaxing. Should be a good time.

I am excited for next week as well. Next Wednesday afternoon, I am going to take the employment test for working with the Census Bureau. I wouldn't find out until at least the middle of February if I got the position, but I am fairly confident. I took their practice test, and got 25 out of 28 correct. That is just over 89% correct. And when I re-read the questions, I realized that I had misread them the first time and that's why my answer was wrong.

I just added counters to all of my blogs and I am excited to see that shortly after that, my hits started to go up. Hope you have a happy Friday!


  1. good luck with your blog, i enjoyed reading it. I'm trying out the same thing so feel free to check mine out, its very new so i only have 1 blog at the moment, just working on a second
    it isnt a dieary but more of an opinion based on life experiences

  2. Good luck on your test, although it doesn't look like you'll need it. Have a great weekend. And yes your counter is showing several hits! Keep it up. Your blog is cool.