Saturday, November 13, 2010

hot cocoa and a movie night!

So I am pretty sure that tonight at work is going to be entirely pointless... we have some pretty crappy weather today....first snowfall of the season and its not that light and fluffy snow.....its that nasty heavy wet snow.... the roads were horrible on my way to work...and honestly, I am so thankful I was not one of the many many cars I saw in the ditch or in an accident.

Other than the snowfall, there is nothing exciting happening....Everything is pretty cold and damp... I cant wait to get off of work, I think I will stop by the store and buy some stuff for hot chocolate and dinner for my bf and me. The weather today just makes me wanna drink hot cocoa and cuddle up under a blanket and have a movie night!

So that seems like the plan for tonight! Trying to think which movies to watch.....thank goodness for netflix and the ability to watch movies online :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I did it!

So I just emailed my contacts at the apprenticeship with my notice of resignation. I am very proud of how professional I sounded in the email. Anyhow, I gotta say, I am so happy knowing that my parents both approve of my decision. Also, I told them how it just isn't a fit for me financially right now. They agreed with me. I was kind of shocked that I did not receive the "quitter lecture" from either of them. But they supported my decision as an adult, and I just have to say, I love that!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its that time of year

So today I just feel that "blah" feeling I get almost every winter. I just feel like in the winter I struggle to get through the days. I'm more emotional and what not. Last year was so different, I enjoyed the season. But almost every winter/late fall since I was 13 is the same old thing. Ultimately I believe i have seasonal depression, but never have been diagnosed by a doctor.

Well besides all that, I am pretty sure I will quit my apprenticeship tomorrow. Talked the pros and cons through to my boyfriend and we agree that financially it isn't feasible to stay there now without getting paid.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

its been a long time......lets catch up!

well i havent written anything in a LONG time...sorry to all my readers!! i have been so busy the past couple months! so let me catch you up to speed on my busy life!

i started an apprenticeship for medical coding and billing at a chiropractors office in late september. it is a great oppurtunity for me to get launched into a career. downfalls of this position include :
1. its unpaid for 6 months
2. its 25 miles from home and 5 days a week (approx 35 hours weekly)
3. its a lot of work that the paid employees dont do such as organizing the office files (which at this point in time there is no filing system for patients' charts, what a mess!)
4. they cant really keep employees very long(since i have been there, they have lost at least 6 of their staff members - which to me seems awfully odd)

at this point, i am really questioning whether or not i want to continue with this committment - they could have another apprentice in there exactly like they put me in there. With promises of employment after 6 months, which is such a long time to not receive a single paycheck! I am contemplating if in the end the time and effort will really be worth my time. Especially when i only make a little over $500 a month at my part time job. if anyone else has any input on this matter please leave a comment, i really enjoy the feedback!

About my part time job - pulltabs and bar bingo... I am working slightly more there since our other friday guy quit so since the end of august, i have worked almost every single friday (except 2). Also, one of our saturday people quit so now i have to juggle pulltabs and bar bingo on a rotating schedule for saturdays...oh how i miss only having to do bar bingo on saturdays.

also, in august, my ford taurus (frank-n-furter) broke down. even though he was a beater piece of junk, frankie was mine and i loved that car! it was the head gasket - which at that point was not worth fixing because the entire cooling system was failing (in the 3 weeks prior, i had put about $600 in to replacing various parts in the cooling system - thats just the cost of parts and a tow!) anywho, i have a different car now. a chevy corsica. its another beater but its all i could afford at the time. the corsica is far from perfect - but it runs pretty decently.

oh by the way, i just got home from las vegas last night! it was a pretty fun time. my boyfriend, joseph, and i went down for a week to visit his parents and some friends. of course we did our fair share of gambling and partying! i am exhausted now lol...definately not ready to go back to work tomorrow (almost 12 hours straight tomorrow - ehhh)

well other than that, i've pretty much been struggling to keep my head up above the water. just been trying to better my life and situation.....taking it one day at a time.

peace and love!
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