Tuesday, October 6, 2009

22 Years Of Aggravation...

Today I am highly aggravated...My idiot father is always lecturing me on stuff that he doesnt understand himself...There is nothing I can do about it either since currently I am living under his roof until my boyfriend and I can find our own place....I just cant stand the fact that my father thinks he knows everything ever since he got clean from his drug and alcohol addiction....Also, for the first time in my 22 years of life he is trying to act like a father...he never even wanted my sister or me....and when my parents got divorced, all he fought for was the amount of child support he had to pay....never fought for any visitation or anything....So the act he is putting on these days just makes me want to scream....I am done.....I want to move far away from here.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Ok....so I am watching Dateline....It is the story about that girl Jaycee who was held captive for 18 years....That man was CREEPY!!! Pretty much gave himself up multiple times but still was let off the hook for almost 2 decades.... I honestly hope that he gets the harshest of sentences ever!!!

Anyhow on another note....I have been totally lounging the past few days because I had caught this bad cold that has been going around....I have been entirely miserable with a sore throat and harsh coughing....but now today I am feeling mostly better but I am still sniffling and sneezing...

OMG....just saw a commercial for the new episode of The Office! Pam + Jim = FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! Must See T.V. for sure....lol....

Well, all I have done tonight is ramble....Tomorrow morning I have a second interview for a job, so wish me luck :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Post!!!!

So here is my first post on this site...

A Little About Me:
Full name:
Cassandra Lynn

Place of birth:
St Paul, MN

Date of birth:
May 15, 1987

Single or taken:

Favorite color:

Want or have kids:

Favorite place to be:
Somewhere in nature

Best friend:
My boyfriend Joe

How long have you known them:
6 years

Have you been in love:

Favorite Food:
Italian Food

Favorite season:

Hair color:

Eye color:

2 sisters and 1 brother

Parents names:
Brian and Bev and stepdad Jeff

Named after anyone:

Broken any bones:

Some of your closest friends:
Joe, Quiv, James, sister Brittany

What are you doing this weekend:
nothing planned except work junk...

Where would you like to be right now:

Who would you like to be with:

Have you had your heart broken:

Have you broken someones heart:
um maybe?

Have you told someone you loved them and not meant it:

Do you want to be in love with someone:
I am in love already!

Would you take a bullet for someone:
depends on the person but a select few yes

Do you hate anyone:

Does anyone hate you:

Where would you like to go on vacation:
everywhere! I aspire to be a world traveler

Favorite childhood memory:
My cabin

How is your day going?
eh not bad...

Did you do anything super fun?
not really

Are you currently texting anyone?

What are you listening to?
the tv.....the peoples court...

Do you like math?
i love math! it just makes sense to me

Are you wearing any jewelry?
just my facial jewelry (lip ring and eyebrow ring)

Do you like Hannah Montana?

How many bands do you have as friends on myspace?
i dont use myspace

Do you have a facebook?

Do you have a socialsplash?

What's the saddest song you've ever heard?
not sure right now...

What is your favorite food?
italian food

Does your room need to be cleaned?

How old do you think you'll be when you die?
hopefully 90 something

Do you want to live to be 120?
not really

Do you own any instruments?
yes i have an acoustic guitar

Do you have braces?

If not, have you ever had them or are you going to?
no i have straight teeth :)

Have you ever met someone famous?
not really....

What color is the floor in whatever room you are in?
hardwood floor

What room are you in?
living room

Do you like this room?
not quite

Do you talk to nonliving objects?

How many purses do you own?
a lot.....lol

Do you like the ear buds or the old style of earphones?
i like the earbuds that wrap around your ear...

Are your nails painted?

What band took your concert virginity?
this needs to be re-worded.....but my answer is REO Speedwagon

Do you lie about your age?

What are your summer plans?
summer just ended

Have you been in a fist fight?

Do you want a puppy?

If so, what kind?
miniature dacshund

I am planning on posting a new blog daily, but that may vary from time to time.....