Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today has been cloudy and rainy. The weather is junky and making me sooo sleepy...not to mention lazy...

I dont have to much to say today except i love my readers and love hearing from you!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Novel in the Works??

What a mess my life has been during the last few months. To be honest readers, I was in a bit of a depression. I really feel like it was the season of winter. I am pretty sure that I have seasonal depression. In the winter time, I lose interest in nearly everything. But as soon as that snow melts, I feel a little recharged. And when the BRIGHT sun is shining down, I feel like I am overall happier.

Over this past winter, my undiagnosed seasonal depression has really affected my relationship. I was moody, crabby, and overall uninterested. Even though I was uninterested, I was really crabby and moody because I felt like I wasn’t wanted or like he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. Thankfully, Joe always has patience with me. He just stood by me and gave me my space when needed. I am so happy he is in my life.

In the past week, our relationship has seemed to be in the reconnect mode. It is nice because I feel almost like we just started dating again. LOVE HIM!!! <3

Other than that, I have just been looking for a second job. And struggling to get by financially the past few weeks. I am almost caught up with the expenses right now. So feeling pretty resilient lately.

Oh My Gosh!! Readers, I have to tell you!!!! I am working on writing my first novel!! It is a fiction novel, about a girl named Ruthie May. More details on the synopsis will come in the future!! It is one of my life goals to become a published author, so I am super excited to be working on this novel. One of my best friends has offered her services as an editor/proof-reader.

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Don’t worry though, I am still gonna update this blog!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

BRRRR......winter update.

Oh My Geez!!!! January is far too cold!!!

Anyways, heres the update!

I am enrolling in school for the fall semester. I have been busy looking at scholarship information. My plan is to get a certificate in American Sign Language. Then from there I plan on going into an interpreting program. After that I plan on getting a teaching degree so that I may teach American Sign Language to high school students.

Also, A couple weeks ago, My boyfriend and I joined the gym by our house. Ready to get into shape!! Eating better and working out more!

Other then all of that, I have been job hunting and trying to pick up as many hours as possible at work.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tough as nails

Wow, talk about a rough end to 2010 and a rocky start to 2011:

I lost over half of my hours at my job...which was making next to nothing anyways...but to put it in a real perspective, I went from making about $600 a month to now about $250 a month. It really sucks, but the one restaurant owner wouldnt sign the lease for our booth so we couldnt sell there much relief though, the restaurant closed about 4 days later. They are supposedly undergoing changes in order to reopen in february. However, the owner is unreliable and unprofessional as a businessman, so we shall see what happens with that location. On a positive note, I do still have a job. I work one night a week selling pulltabs and another evening I sell bar bingo with my sister. So now I am atleast available to take any shifts that open up if need be.

I had a contact from Mango Tango (the restaurant that closed down). He was a customer who owns his own business. His office is actually less than 2 miles from my house, and he had given me a business card to inquire about a customer service position. I sent him an email yesterday morning, so I will cross my fingers on this one.

I also have been applying for jobs like crazy lately. Hopefully something will turn up. I would like to start my own business, but at this point in time, I really dont know what goods or services I would even want to offer. I have been applying to housecleaning companies, and I really wouldnt mind that. That would actually be a company I could start, the hardest part would be finding the clientel.

At this point, I am open to any ideas for jobs, and or schooling. I want to go back to school to get some training, but reality is, I cant afford to do so on $250 a month. I cant continue to rely on my boyfriend to support us. He doesnt make much as is since he is working retail. I wouldnt mind working retail along with my current job. It is just hard to find a job for me since I dont really have an impressive history.

My friend's dad is opening a coffee shop. I told her I would even move out there to help out if i could, but that is 750 miles away and I dont really have that kind of money to move right now. My life is such a wreck and a mess right about now!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

hot cocoa and a movie night!

So I am pretty sure that tonight at work is going to be entirely pointless... we have some pretty crappy weather today....first snowfall of the season and its not that light and fluffy snow.....its that nasty heavy wet snow.... the roads were horrible on my way to work...and honestly, I am so thankful I was not one of the many many cars I saw in the ditch or in an accident.

Other than the snowfall, there is nothing exciting happening....Everything is pretty cold and damp... I cant wait to get off of work, I think I will stop by the store and buy some stuff for hot chocolate and dinner for my bf and me. The weather today just makes me wanna drink hot cocoa and cuddle up under a blanket and have a movie night!

So that seems like the plan for tonight! Trying to think which movies to watch.....thank goodness for netflix and the ability to watch movies online :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I did it!

So I just emailed my contacts at the apprenticeship with my notice of resignation. I am very proud of how professional I sounded in the email. Anyhow, I gotta say, I am so happy knowing that my parents both approve of my decision. Also, I told them how it just isn't a fit for me financially right now. They agreed with me. I was kind of shocked that I did not receive the "quitter lecture" from either of them. But they supported my decision as an adult, and I just have to say, I love that!
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