Friday, April 1, 2011

Novel in the Works??

What a mess my life has been during the last few months. To be honest readers, I was in a bit of a depression. I really feel like it was the season of winter. I am pretty sure that I have seasonal depression. In the winter time, I lose interest in nearly everything. But as soon as that snow melts, I feel a little recharged. And when the BRIGHT sun is shining down, I feel like I am overall happier.

Over this past winter, my undiagnosed seasonal depression has really affected my relationship. I was moody, crabby, and overall uninterested. Even though I was uninterested, I was really crabby and moody because I felt like I wasn’t wanted or like he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. Thankfully, Joe always has patience with me. He just stood by me and gave me my space when needed. I am so happy he is in my life.

In the past week, our relationship has seemed to be in the reconnect mode. It is nice because I feel almost like we just started dating again. LOVE HIM!!! <3

Other than that, I have just been looking for a second job. And struggling to get by financially the past few weeks. I am almost caught up with the expenses right now. So feeling pretty resilient lately.

Oh My Gosh!! Readers, I have to tell you!!!! I am working on writing my first novel!! It is a fiction novel, about a girl named Ruthie May. More details on the synopsis will come in the future!! It is one of my life goals to become a published author, so I am super excited to be working on this novel. One of my best friends has offered her services as an editor/proof-reader.

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